As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, something is on our mind…UGG season approaching!

We live for the cosy winter months wrapped up indoors with our favourite UGG boot and slippers. Whether you’re taking a stroll in your local park, or just settling down to an evening of Emily in Paris, we’ve got your cosy shoe game covered.

Even though we may be staying in, we still want serious style to keep us inspired, motivated….and for those fit pics.

Take a look at how some of our fav bloggers and style icons will be rocking theirs this winter – from the classic UGG Mini – to our new fav slipper alternative (but you’ll be catching us rocking these to pick up the groceries too) the UGG Ultra Mini – we’ve got sparkles and shine with Scuffette, and classic muted tones with new seasonal colours to get your mitts on.

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@Clairerose has got the monochrome memo – wearing the UGG Ultra Mini in Grey for a stroll.

If your scenery is a little more coastal, we’re loving pairing fleecy layers with the UGG Ultra Mini like @Gabriellenrichardson, that works just as well cosied up on the sofa too. Bonus points if you tag us in your sea-side outfit pics.

Jennifer has our Wednesday outfit inspiration sorted – we love the Chestnut UGG Mini paired against pink. Our matching tracksuit wardrobe is growing and growing in 2020….






Not helped by the @thetripletsss making us want to force our sisters into matching family outfits for Christmas, rocking the UGG Ultra Mini in Chesnut.









If anyone hasn’t fallen in love with neutral tones for 2020 – now is the perfect time to purchase some cosy loungewear to snuggle up in like @Vanessahong with her UGG Ultra Minis. Creamy tones keep us from sinking into the typical all-black ensembles we’ve been used to, to lift our mood.






We love @Alexisforeman’s styling of the UGG Ultra Mini – colour blocking light tones keeps this from feeling too somber – anything to keep our spirits high (and anything fleecy and cosy is all we’re after for our winter wardrobes).

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