Sales Assistant

Here at OFFICE we have a mantra that what you put in you get out and if you’re as good as you say you are then we will strive to develop people that stand out from the crowd!

We believe great personalities are the key to our success and that’s why we look for individuals who can really bring banter to the sales floor and have fun selling our product whilst engaging with our valued customers.

You can expect to get a sweat on in this role that’s for sure! Yes it gets extremely busy in our stores and you will be the brand ambassadors of the sales floor! It’s your job to help customers with their every need and ensure they leave happy with a wonderful pair shoes to suit their fabulous personalities! This will take hard work, product knowledge and bags of charm – you won’t need a gym membership after a day selling with OFFICE!

You will need to have a great work ethic, buckets of enthusiasm and someone who strives to be the best to succeed with us and that’s why we have such a high internal progression rate.

We want bubbly people who love to talk to the public! As this job is all about sales we need people who are confident, love the product we sell and our passionate about delivering great customer service.

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