Based in London's Soho, Adam's classic, mostly monochrome wardrobe reflects his smart-casual footwear choices for summer.

1. What is your key style/look for July?

For me nike trainers are going to be my staple item this summer. They're super versatile and can easily be slotted into a smart, casual or smart-casual look. Teamed with a pair of chinos and short sleeved shirt you're onto a winner

2. What have you been up to this year so far?

This year's already been crazy for me! The studios as busy as ever which is fantastic. Started to get a lot more global orders as well which is exciting! I've also been working closely with Nike which has been fun! - there's a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline :)

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3. What are your tips for styling the transitional period between Summer and Autumn?

For me it's all about the bomber. With the weather in England being as unpredictable as it is, the bomber is a must. Try and pick either a linen or cotton blend as they'll serve you well on both the warmer days, and those cooler ones.
Timberland Premium 6 Boot
1. The Hills - The Weeknd
2. 1000 - A$AP Rocky
3. California Roll - Snoop Dogg
4. Holding On - Disclosure
5. Smooth Sailing - Leon Bridges
6. Never Let You Go - Rudimental
4. Why did you pick those particular shoes? Which one is your fave?

I love versatility when buying shoes. Shoes that I can dress either up or down. My favourite pair were the black leather trainers! Super simplistic, they look great with a simple crew neck, and equally as a great with a button up shirt. Win win.

5. What are your tips of the trade?

I'm a massive fan of mixing high end fashion with high street fashion. I love spending money on classic staple garments, like jackets & shoes. Spend wisely and you can elevate your entire look