Based in London, Natasha's paired back style is reflective of the West London area she lives in, neutral and classic.

1. What is your key style/look for July?
Definitely a lot of whites and neutrals. I love pairing camel and cream tones together and wearing with light jackets in case it gets cooler. Also keep accessories to a minimum

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"All white adidas Superstars and silver heels are clean and summery and can be dressed up or down"
Quest Metal Heel Strappy Sandal
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1. Bang that - Disclosure
2. Earned it - The Weeknd
3. Silly little things - Shannon Saunders
4. I See Fire - Ed Sheeran
5. American Oxygen - Rihanna
2. What have you been up to this year so far?
I've been expanding on the blog a lot. I have just got back from Ibiza, which is my first big blogger trip, so expect to see lots of updates from there. I have also been selling a lot of vintage clothes that I source from thrift stores in East London. I recently went to Ghana, where I picked up some great printed shirts that are a new style fave of mine. I like dressing them up with gladiator ghillie lace up heels.
3. What are your tips for styling the transitional period between Summer and Autumn?

Layering is a must. Make sure to take a jacket with you for cooler evening as we all know the British weather can be a little temperamental. If you want to keep your legs out for evening events, maybe pair with a light knit dress, maxi dresses are great because they can keep you cool and warm. Glam up light, floaty fabrics with chunky, statement necklaces.
4. Why did you pick those particular shoes? Which one is your fave?

They are mostly practical shoes with a comfort element. All white Adidas Superstars and silver heels are clean and summery and can be dressed up or down. Lace ups and Adidas trainers are my favourite, they are easy to wear and go with most outfits.
5. What are your tips of the trade?

Always have a good moisturizer and always take your make up off before bed. Have a good leather jacket, it's a key style whatever the season and every 3-4 months do a wardrobe cleanse, sell and swap with friends, refresh your look.
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