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Lacoste Brand
Explore classic Lacoste trainers for men, women and kids here, sitting alongside modern designs, boat shoes and slip-on styles. If you're on the hunt for a discount, browse our Lacoste trainers sale today - we've got some incredible deals just waiting to be snapped up.
History: French brand Lacoste is as well known for its green crocodile trademark as it is for its celebrated tennis lace. So for a bit of history, Rene Lacoste was a famous tennis player, who became a legend when he and his team-mates "The Musketeers", won the Davis Cup against the Americans for the first time, in 1927. Lacoste was nicknamed "the Alligator" by the American press, after he made a bet with the Captain of the French Davis Cup Team concerning a suitcase made from alligator skin. The public were fond of this nickname as it conveyed the tenacity he displayed on the tennis courts, never letting go of his prey! Lacoste’s friend Robert George then drew a 'crocodile' which he had embroidered on the blazer he wore on the courts. And that’s how it all started! These days, Lacoste is a wide-world brand covering all aspects of fashion, and its celebrated trainers are a must for any wardrobe!

Key Styles: Lacoste boat shoes are at the height of fashion this season, and a popular choice amongst both men and women.