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Caterpillar Brand
From the brand that built the city, Cat® footwear women’s and men’s collection fully equips the wearer to face any challenge head on, staying out of the action is not an option. Caterpillar® has been a part of this progress for over 100 years and continues to blaze the path and defy the norm. Legendary Raw interprets seasonal trends designed with the idea that rugged still can be defined with designs that are as fashion conscious as they are durable. The men’s collection boasts classic shapes inspired by 1930s work boots, with classic CAT design and aged leather to lend authenticity. Product detailing includes premium leathers, with clever leather pops, understated branding, funky linings and intricate sole designs. Some styles have a ‘reversed leather’ feature which means the ‘inside’ of the leather is actually on the outside – some are also unlined for a natural, rugged feel that perfectly distils CAT’s heritage and values. The rugged collection serves the needs of comfort, a classic look and style as a “bonus”. Rich leathers, sophisticated shapes and considered detail will be found throughout the Cat Footwear Collection.