OFFICE was born in 1981 in London with a concession in the shopping Mecca that was Hyper Hyper.

Due to public demand we opened our first stand alone store on the Kings road in 1984 and continued to grow throughout the 1980's, acquiring many stores in some of the most prestigious shopping areas in central London.OFFICE Store

In 1996 we launched OFFSPRING a pioneering new concept, devoted to revolutionising the world of fashion sports retailing.

At the start of 2000, Poste was founded, a men's boutique offering a selection of designer shoes in an environment synonymous with a typical gentleman's club.

2001 saw the arrival of Poste Mistress, which soon became the essential ladies footwear boutique in uber cool Neal's Yard, Covent Garden.

Throughout 2004 to 2010, the first of our overseas expansion began, with stores opening across Ireland along with our new Topshop concessions in New York City, Las Vegas and Chicago.

Since then we've expanded into Europe, with OFFICE London launching in several cities in Germany.

OFFICE is a fully multichannel retailer with over 150 stores which has earned it the reputation of being a fashion leader on the British high street.

The OFFICE team sits in-house at the London HQ, where a group of dedicated designers and buyers consistently present innovative and up-to-the minute trends, bringing affordable and directional shoes to all its customers; fashion conscious shoppers looking for fashion-forward footwear that gives both quality and style.