Happy Spring Day!

It’s finally the official start date of Spring  and we are pretty excited about our Spring collection. Time to roll up your jeans, wear more dresses and shop our latest products on offer.

You can now shop from Shoespaper!

You can now shop the Shoespaper photo shoot on our website, be sure to check it out! #officeloves

Add a bit of fluff and velvet to your weekend festivities

It’s nearly the weekend (thank goodness) and we are sure most your time has been organised. Whether you are meeting friends, going out or just picking up a few weekend essentials, we feel you need to walk it with a bit of luxury. Our newest collection includes romantic velvets and fun fluffy pom poms heels. Why not get on trend with some of our new picks?

You don’t need to be overly dressed to shop these looks, but instead a pair of jeans or a classic dress will do just fine. These items were recently spotted in Shoespaper, so we have no doubt you will be one step ahead of the fashion race.

Shoespaper features Shoe Hunter

The latest Grazia on stands now has our SS17 Shoeshaper feature. We share our key shapes for the season with the help of Grazia styling. Our new collection focuses on luxe velvets , pastel shades, metallics, contemporary trainers and fluffy textures.

We turn to the Grazia team who share their Office favourites, where trainers seem are a popular choice for the busy team.  Converse, Tan Timberlands and black strappy sandles are a few of the essentials. The team choose shoe classics that work perfectly for work and weekend activities.

Reminiscing of Paris Streetsyle

Whilst Paris Fashion Week has come and gone, we still cannot get enough of the street style images flooding our searches. It comes with no surprise that direct styling influences have come from the latest textured denims, glittery boots, Old skools vans,  fish nets, mules and block heels were some of the many fashion highlights. Street style is our trend inspiration heaven.

The scene set by the fashion creatives has our team planning what will be next in our collections. What’s your look of the week?


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Shoe trends featured at Paris Fashion Week 2017

Paris Fashion Week has ended, so we round up some of the noteworthy Autumn/Winter 2017 shoe trends. Key highlights to watch for will be  kitten heeled boots, studded and tapestry adorned flat boots, textured block heels and sock like boots. Jewelled heels and flats are starting to make an appearance, let’s be frank, how could one forget about the glittery  boots by Saint Laurent?

Whilst we are still getting ready for Spring, a little trend alert for Fall never hurt anyone, did it?


Check out this weeks #officeloves!

The Onitsuka Tiger

The Asics shoe story dates back all the way to 1949 where Kihachiro Onitsuka created Onitsuka Co Ltd. The lack of self-esteem found in Kobe’s youngsters post war prompted a fitness movement, which is where the company took shape and encouraged a sound mind in a sound body. This ethos is still very much a part of the Asics values, where Japanese heritage is perfectly combined with modern design.

It was in 1968 when the delegation sneaker came about, during the Summer Olympics in Mexico the shoe was used for warm ups. The Asics Tiger Stripes, formerly called Mexico Lines inspired the design of Mexico 66. It was 50 years along that the Mexico Delegation launched to celebrate the iconic Olympic event. The method of production and original structure was maintained as closely as possible to when the shoe was first used.

Alongside the Olympic inspired shoe in 1968, an additional design was introduced and inspired by legendary track coach Bill Bowerman. The Corsair designed by Bowerman was integral in providing ideas and insight for the Onitsuka Tiger to bring performance to American surfaces. The Marup style upper, this design would become a phenomenon.

Asics combines sport, design and history eloquently into each of their products. What’s your favourite design?

TOMS Destination

TOMS Destination is all about informing us about how the brand started, the difference they have made and future product launches.  We were reminded that TOMS is about a ‘One for One’ ethos, where each product bought in store or online and another is given to someone in need. What once was only a shoe driven business; TOMS now sell backpacks, sunglasses and roasted coffee beans.

At the morning event we were treated to TOMS coffee and delicious treats, which was then followed by brand discussions, free customisation on TOMS products and a virtual reality session to giving TOMs shoes in Colombia.

TOMS has helped over 70 countries, and have given 60 million pairs of shoes to those in need.  Once noted as a company, and now a global movement, we salute TOMS in the positive impact they have made internationally.


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