Looking to be the best in class this year? As you’ll be ending your holidays and beginning the new academic year, your wardrobe needs to be on point a.k.a on trend. Starting afresh with the best pair of shoes is a sign of starting the year right (obviously). Looking how to style your day-to-day look? We round up a few of our favourite staples to get you through the term. We’ve broken down the three most important looks to consider for back to school;



If you stick to your classics, our selection of Nike, adidas, Converse and Vans will be giving you that much needed spring in your step. Choosing an all-black mono silhouette (brand of your choice) gives you the flexibility to experiment with your wardrobe. We understand getting back into a routine can be challenging, so opting for a stylish yet  fuss-free wardrobe is desirable. We like to stick to graphic tops paired with either denims or printed trousers.



New accessories are a priority for the beginning of your new year. Whether you’re looking for a new backpack, cross body or new pair of socks, we stock the key styles of the season.

We like to make a statement with our accessory choice, so a leopard print or bright pink works well for your academic look. Investing in both a backpack and cross body gives you the flexibility to change your day-to-day look. The latest Fila accessories provide that excellent backpack and cross body combination, giving you the choice of bold colours and prints.


Smart Shoes

If you’re not into trainers this year, brands like Dr Martens, Kickers, Buffalo and OFFICE are offering sleek styles to match your needs. Patent or matte black are offered in most of these styles and dependent on your wardrobe, you’ll find the perfect pair.

We love that co-ords are back in fashion and what better way to start your new year with an on trend head-toe look? If you’re more into casual wear, choosing light denims, and a striped top proves to be a successful  look. It’s important to plan a practical outfit, whilst being one step ahead of the fashion race is cool, being comfortable and happy is paramount.