If you follow Carla Humphrey on Instagram, you’ll know she is nothing short of talent and style. Recent heel–to–trainer convert, we look to Carla for that chic style inspo, for a “girl who can do both”. Carla is no stranger to the sport scene, she is a skilful midfielder for Bristol City and her dedication to Football is apparent on and off the pitch.

When we caught up with Carla on set shooting the Nike Unité Totale collection, it became very clear she is all about team work and being a support to fellow players. Carla’s story into her career is nothing short of chasing her dream and achieving it with hard work, determination and a fantastic support system getting her there. A similar story we have seen throughout the Nike Global Anthem  released on Saturday 1st June.

The Unité Totale collection embodies the solidarity of sport, alongside female empowerment, passion and diversity through everyday life. The collection, alongside many of our female athletes exudes stories of joy and sisterhood. We see hex dots, stripes and pops of colour through the pack, referencing a Parisian vibe.

Carla wears the React Element 55 and Air Max 720 from the collection, showing us how she styles the footwear in her day to day life.

We get to know a bit more about this inspiring female athlete:


• It’s safe to say you have achieved a lot in your life to date, could you tell us where it all began?

It all began with my older brother. I used to watch him play all the time with my dad. It was one particular memory that really strikes me and that was when it was it was snowing one day, my dad refused to let me come, but I was so determined, I put on all the necessary winter clothes on, carried my football and joined them. I started playing at a young age, from 5 I joined my local club, and from 7 years old, I took to the sport professionally.

• Could you delve deeper into your relationship with football? What was it like breaking it in the industry as a woman and were there any challenges you had to face?
In the earlier days, it was far tougher to break into, this was due to mixed teams and girls often being undermined for their strength. Nowadays, girl’s only teams are taken seriously and can play professionally. It’s good to see how the sport has progressed.

• What would you say to young women who want to enter the sporting world who may feel afraid or unable to because of their gender?
Nothing is impossible, work hard, and keep focused.

• What is your most memorable celebration moment during your football career so far?
Scoring a hat-trick in the FA Youth Cup final to win it

• Sport obviously is a huge part of your life, but what does it mean to you?
Football is everything to me, it’s what I work hard for and keep focused at. Every daily decision I make contributes to my career goals, both short and long term

• What’s it like being part of the Nike family?
Amazing! As a kid you aspire to be a part of such an iconic brand, I feel so lucky to be a part of this. I love the support Nike provide for female athletes.

• Teamwork is a staple part of your job, but also in different aspects of life, how do you and the girls support each other on and off the pitch?
When we are on the pitch, team work is so important! When we’re not playing, we like to socialise where we can and strengthen our team bond. Every Tuesday, we venture to a new lunch spot in Bristol. We are big foodies and enjoy sharing our weekly updates over a meal.

• How will you be supporting the Lionesses this year during their key moments?
I am hoping to get out there, help support what they doing, and promoting the game.


• It must be important to remain positive when having a sporting career, regardless of the hurdles you may face, but what do you do in order to keep a clear and optimistic mindset, especially on the pitch?
Life is filled with ups and downs, and it’s important to remain positive throughout. I keep a motivational book of quotes that resonate with me, and just reading through some of them gives me the uplift I need and motivation to move forward.

• It seems like you have a great support system back at home! How important do you think it is to have that?
My family have driven me up and down the country for my career and have been a consistent support always. I really am so grateful for this, as they act as a sounding board to when I am faced with challenges and really provide me with the comfort I need.

• It is clear that you have a love of fashion from your social media, what do you believe to be a staple item that every woman must have?
Trainers! I used to love my heels, but now its trainer paired with jeans! This creates the perfect going out look.

• Who is your biggest inspiration?
Santi Cazorla

• Whilst your journey is commendable, what is your goal for 2019?
I want to push my football career further, add more goals to my game and remain focused.

Quick Fire Questions:

1. React 55 or Air Max 720?
2. Chanel or Dior?
3. Lovebox or Wireless?
4. Glastonbury or Coachella?
5. Heels or trainers?
6. Yoga or Pilates?
7. Tea or Coffee?
8. Cats or Dogs?
9. Socks and slides or no socks and slides?
10. Ibiza or Marbella?