Say hello to Never Fully Dressed! The London based fashion house, where all the fun, style and glamour is. This business was founded in 2009, and began at Old Spitafields market! fast track to 2019, this on trend fashion house is dressing all the ‘Honeys’ of London. We recently caught up with Lucy and Kasia @NFD to find out more about their style, brand ethos and how they keep it cool.

1. From sewing and customising in 2009 to opening a store in 2014—What do you think was the pivotal moment when Never Fully Dressed became a global brand? The pivotal moment for us has to be our signature leopard skirt, which still continues to be our best selling item every week, all over the world, so for us, this item gave us global influence.

2. Never Fully Dressed describes its garments as ‘sophisticated sass, chic wardrobe staples…’, but why is it so important to have these attitudes as a woman? It is so important to make women feel confident in their own skin and not feel the need to compare themselves to archaic stereotypes – and we all know that looking great really does give us the confidence to go out and smash our day – this is really at the heart of what we do.
3. You provide a lot of styling options when it comes to an individual garment online encouraging women to be diverse — do you think it’s easy or hard to be diverse in 2019? It shouldn’t be hard to be diverse in 2019, it should really be a natural factor when it comes to shooting and styling, for us it is. But other brands do struggle and fall into a ‘tick box’ way of shooting. We don’t always think about diversity as the core of what we do, we select women who are around us, the brand, we don’t go looking for something that doesn’t feel natural to NFD.

4. Never Fully Dressed seems to have a strong sense of community behind its ethos, is this a key factor for you? If so, what positive effects does this have on the brand? Community is a really important part of NFD, from where we make our clothing, to our office team and our social channels. We feel that retailers who have a voice do have a responsibility to use it in a positive way, which hopefully we do!

5. Every start up goes through difficulties on their journey to success, how did you overcome these difficulties and did your team play a part in this? There are always hiccups along the way, we still experience them, especially being small and independent, but you really just have to keep going. People are relying on you, the show must go on.


6. What would you say to girls who want to break into the fashion and style industry, but don’t feel confident enough to? Confidence is built through experience, and for us, actually working builds your confidence a lot more than a degree can. You need to be able to network and build lasting relationships in the fashion industry, so you need to be able to talk the talk.

7. Never Fully dressed is very commendable when it comes to its sense of charity, from donating clothes to the homeless, to raising £25000 for mind charity in 2016, what first inspired you to help such a variety of causes? Charity has always been at the heart of NFD. Lucy, our designer and CE, has always been involved in charitable projects so to bring that element to the business was a natural move.

8. What is a staple item you think every girl must have? A good skirt, dress and shirt.

9. If you could style any girl band, who would it be and why? We would love to style Florence and the Machine – what a dream!

Quickfire Questions:
• ● Leopard or zebra print? leopard
• ● Sequins or velvet? so hard, but sequins
• ● Co-ord or clash? clash
• ● Heels or trainers? trainers
• ● Air Force 1 or Air Max 1? air max!
• ● Sport day or Spa day? sport day
• ● Pyjama night or prosecco night? a bit of both?
• ● High street or high end? high street!