The journey of shoe making is one that is meticulous, considerate and creative. It is a process we pride ourselves upon, where our attention to detail and use of high-grade materials are what make our designs worthwhile investments. We get to speak to Manolo, who is the craftsman behind our latest shoes. We discover more about the creative process behind each of our shoes and learn more about his factory.

How long have you been making shoes?
I have been making shoes for 36 years, since 1983. I started with a trainers brand called Newkers and later in my career I turned to specialize in women’s shoes. At this moment my company is able to make women, men and children’s shoes. Our main focus is producing women’s shoes.

How many people does it involve in making an OFFICE shoe?
To make a sample you need would need at least 20 people. The production process involves about 300 people, working in different production lines and departments in producing the final product.


How long it takes to produce a shoe?
This process depends on each sample. It can take half a day, 24 hours or 48 hours depending on whether we have all the adjustments made. Attention to detailing, shapes and leathers contribute to the time frame.

Are all the materials/components used sourced from local suppliers?
The factory works with suppliers from different places. Some suppliers are from Italy, others are locals, but we mostly source from Spain.

How many components make up a shoe?
The most common components in a producing a shoe are the following: Sole, sock, shank, insole, upper, heel, thread, stiffeners, cups, lining, buckles, eyelets, zippers, laces if the style requires it, supports in the upper if the material requires it.

The journey of shoe making from start to finish is carefully considered. We are passionate about each process that takes place in presenting our final shoe. New boots and sandals for the season are built upon the hottest trends, where we’ll be keeping your shoe-drobe up-to-date throughout autumn/winter.