Colder days are officially here so for our latest instalment of OFFICE Spotlight™ we cosied up with Crocs 🐊 and their Fur Lined collection to get to know Oluwaseun Ogunsola . Stylist, content creator, public speaker the list goes on…

Can you give us a little insight into your career & day to day life?

For me, every day is a little bit different! To give you a little bit about my background; after assisting freelance Stylists and interning at Fashion magazines for a few years, I worked for about 8-years full-time as a Luxury-Ecommerce Stylist between London, Munich and Berlin. During that time I worked my way up to Styling Editor where I was eventually managing my own teams of stylists. I loved working with stylists and helping them in their careers, but found that I missed the creativity and fun of just playing with clothes! So after 2020 I decided I needed a change (I think we all did), and I went freelance whilst pursuing Content creation.

So now every day is a bit of a mix, one day I might be styling a campaign shoot, another I’m hosting a Styling Workshop. Recently I’ve been working on spreading my wings and finding new ways to utilise my styling expertise and I’ve really been enjoying the mix of Content Creation, Styling, Workshops and more recently speaking on different panels. I feel really grateful to be able to do what I love in so many different ways!


Any tips for beginners?

In my humble opinion, assisting a Stylist is the best way to get into styling. You get to see first hand how the industry works, you assist on sets, communicate with PR’s on a regular basis, cultivate your own working relationships and eventually get to build your own network of future collaborators.

One thing every stylist needs is a portfolio of work, so my top tip would be to work on creating one. Collaborate with fellow creatives on Test Shoots, use your own clothes if you need to, get creative.

I started my journey during a very different time, when I started, Social Media was not the machine it is now. Facebook was the No.1 platform at that time, and we didn’t have easy access to people the way we do now.

I wrote down names of Stylists /Fashion Editors / Fashion Directors from the mastheads of my favourite magazines and emailed all of them. All of them! Edward Eninnful OBE included. I also googled “London Fashion Stylists” and emailed hundreds of faceless names. I got one response from one kind Stylist who I assisted on and off, then worked my way up from there. If I was just starting out, I’d still reach out to Stylists via email, DM, handwritten letter, carrier pigeon… I say all this to say, be persistent if this is what you really want.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your career to date?

Don’t be afraid to speak up for what’s right and don’t be afraid to move on when you’re no longer enjoying what you do. Also personal style is subjective, there’s no right or wrong style.

Your proudest achievement in 2023 so far?

It’s impossible to pick just one so I’ll give you my top 3!

  1. This collaboration is pretty awesome! I’ve shopped at Office for as long as I can remember andI’ve worn my Crocs proudly since I was a broke university student. Plus, a collaboration with Crocs was on my 2024 vision board.

2. I worked with Selfridges over the summer to create content based around their Worn Again Campaign which was part of their ongoing Reselfridges initiative to encourage consumers to explore different ways of shopping in relation to secondhand and circular shopping. When I got the email, I honestly thought it was spam!

3. Finally, I had the amazing opportunity to create my own Upcycling mini series with Pinterest x BBC Studios Talentworks a few months ago, which was a dream come true! I created a 6-piece “Capsule Wardrobe” recreating luxury items I love, using only second hand items I sourced from charity shops, vintage shops and my own wardrobe.

The link is in all my social bios if anyones interested in watching. 😉

Describe your personal style?

If I had to describe my style, I’d say it was random or eclectic. But to be honest, I genuinely just wear whatever makes me feel good, one day that might be cargo pants and a vintage leather jacket and the next it could be a blazer dress and knee-high boots.

I had a boss who constantly told me that she couldn’t pinpoint what my style was, and that’s just the way I like it.

How are you styling your Crocs this season?

The same way I always style my Crocs; with everything. At home I’ll be styling them with my loungewear, chunky cardigans, and my fluffy robe. But outside? The world is my oyster; vintage baggy Levi’s, hoodies, preloved coats, denim maxi skirts, I’ll be wearing it all.

What are your favourite Jibbitz?

I love a good smiley emoji, basic I know, but you can’t beat a smiley! Also I do love the fire emoji. My perfect Jibbitz doesn’t actually exist – to my knowledge. It would be the emoji with the half melting face – it’s my favourite emoji to use and I feel like it belongs on my Crocs.

Who would you nominate for OFFICE Spotlight?

I’d nominate Yas (@yasontheinternet), I love her unique sense of style and the way she effortlessly mixes different colours, prints & textures. She really knows how to rock a loafer too!

What are you having for dinner hun?

I’m meeting my friends at Queen of the South Pub in Tulse Hill later, so my dinner will be catered by the Flyerians, who make some of the BEST Nigerian street food in London. I already know what I’m ordering too; the jollof box with beef suya – YUM.

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