Blowfish Malibu = summer personified ☀️

Are you in need of seasonless sandals that can be worn year after year? Look no further. Blowfish Malibu has the goods. Their range of sandals offer simple, high quality and fashionable silhouettes – they are also MEGA comfortable!


The ‘Maylie’ sandals add a touch of style with the ankle strap and criss-cross detailing. Whether you are a leopard print or more of a plain gal – there is a Blowfish sandal for you. The Maylie sandal in Leopard & Whiskey Dyecut are also both 100% vegan. 👏

NOW for those who are into the chunky sandal trend, we present, the ‘Fandie’ sandal 😎 Adding a modern twist to a classic sandal, the multi-strap detailing and cork style sole give off an oh so chic holiday lewk.

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Serving the slip on stylish lewk is the ‘Favor sandals. Three things come to mind… comfortable, durable and stylish.

There is a colourway for everyone ✨

Click here to get holiday ready with Blowfish Malibu. | @officeshoes