For the launch of Nike Air Max 90 Futura we collaborated with Alex Greenwood & Miriam Walker-Khan – who bring a positive & inclusive message to women across a multitude of industries.

But, what do they both have in common? Sport.


Alex [Man United Fan] & Miriam [Chelsea WOMENS fan] both share the same LOVE for sport & movement. With the alarming statistics of young women dropping out of sports at a young age, we think it is important to share the stories of these low-key heroes to inspire the next and current generation.

When you think of Nike – you think of sport, movement, and joy. Hence why the Nike Air Max 90 Futura presented itself as the PERFECT opportunity to collaborate with Alex & Miriam.


Summer 2022 is all about the women’s Euros and it has been incredible to see all the support it is currently receiving 👏