“The Nike Air Max line is nothing short of iconic and will transcend into generations to come.” – OFFICE Trend Analysis

Last month, OFFICE and Nike collaborated on arguably our most exciting project to date – launching the Air Max Dawn. We headed to an eclectic studio in Dalston, East London with a very talented crew and three creators making waves in the industry to talk all things Nike Air Max Dawn.

It was important to us that all three creators had their own distinct style and relationship with the  Nike Air Max to authentically discuss creative culture, fashion, and looking to the future 🌟.

So what IS the Air Max Dawn you ask?

It is the newest Nike silhouette to drop at OFFICE, the perfect example of drawing on the past with a modern outlook. This fresh silhouette echoes the running shoes of the 90s, elevated with contemporary details. Fave features are the classic Air-sole unit with that retro pill-shaped window and the plush foam midsole that serves aaaaall the cushioning and style for all day wearing☁️.

Jump from day to night activity thanks to the Dawn’s outsole’s seesaw pattern which adds traction and durability – think cloud nine levels of comfort. Dreamy. Oh and did you know that the #Nike ‘Air Max Dawn’ is made with at least 20% recycled material by weight. We sustainably stan ♻️.

We caught up with the creators on set to find out their journey with trainers, things they can’t live without and what inspires them.

NATASHA: @natashaahmedx

What item do you wear repeatedly?

Trainers I really go through, if there’s a certain trainer that I’m wearing that moment I will batter that shoe so much. Shoes are meant to be worn.

When did you first come across Air Max?

My dad and my brother have been wearing Air Max since I was younger, things like 95s and Air Max 1’s. I’m pretty sure my first pair were Air Max 1’s. We are an air max family.

First thoughts on Air Max Dawn?

I love them, I really like the silhouette of them. It’s a streamlined shoe but it’s still got what we know from an Air Max, with the bubble and chunky sole.

CHLOE: @chloehayward_

Where do you look for inspiration?

I don’t necessarily follow trends; I just look on Instagram and Pinterest and if I am inspired by their looks and give it a go and try it out. If I feel like it works for my style, then I’ll carry on doing that!

I love what I wear. I feel good in it. I feel like I can really express how I’m feeling, my everyday wardrobe is tailoring now.

When did you first come across Air Max?

To be completely honest, this is the first time. I’ve never really been drawn towards the Air Max style but after today I think I’m going to be wearing them a lot!

First thoughts on Air Max Dawn?

I love the silhouette. I really like the Nike tick swooshes, it’s the small details. The pink and white are going to go with a lot of outfits, the easiest to style for sure! I really love the sole, it makes the trainer look more interesting with the classic bubble feature. 

JADE: @jademacj

When did you first come across Air Max?

My story for getting into sneakers was I used to go on holiday with my family to Florida every year, the Nike outlet was the highlight of the trip because every year I went I used to get a sneaker. I got my first pair of AF1 and Air Max – it was an Air Max 90.

Shoes can bring so much more to an outfit than we think. The textures, the silhouette can really change what kind of vibe you are going for in terms of styling.

First thoughts on Air Max Dawn?

 I love them, I’m a big fan, they are very comfortable and wearable It gives me the vibe of a Nike VaporWaffle. We have all styled them in such different ways and it works.

 The black could be a walking trainer, even to wear to the gym. They have that versatility. I like the textures and different tones on it, it’s done so subtlety.

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