Confetti Crowd began with Heidi pitching to Heli, Tiger & Lulu the concept of a new girl gang over email, and five years later…the rest is history. With their first ever shoot as Confetti Crowd being for Nike, it has come full circle with this moment and the girls celebrating girl power, teamwork and supporting each other in true girl gang form.

They support each other through thick and thin and celebrate each other’s successes together as a group and champion girl power and unity. They aim to change the world one step at a time with solidarity, championing female empowerment and approaching life with a #squadgoals attitude to achieve their dreams, picking each other up as they go along.

We recently caught up with Confetti Crowd to shoot the Unité Totale Collection, which symbolises everything these women embody in changing the world united in a sisterhood of strong, powerful women, where differences unite us.

You are strong advocates of self-love, confidence and success for women — but what inspired you to create this girl gang? And why are those three qualities so important to have?

Lulu: Girl power wasn’t as much of a thing back then, whereas now everyone’s encouraging each other. We’re just four normal gals that started businesses through our hobbies and we just want to show other girls that they can go and do whatever they want to do.

Heli: I think confidence is something we’ve all struggled with, so I think any advice we can give to young girls along the way is really important. Especially growing up with the media industry, you’re always seeing the message ‘you should look like this’, so we try to bring a little bit of reality and some tips to make people feel a bit more confident.
Tiger: If you put your mind to it, you can do anything.


Why do you think sisterhood is so important in today’s society?

Heli: When we first started out, women were put against each other and constantly being compared. I think it’s really important that when women come together (whispered)…incredible things happen! And we are proof of that, because we’ve all grown so much as a group, because we’re together.

Tiger: And we all encourage each other…nothing is a bad idea when we’re together – we’re like yeah you should do it!

Lulu: We lift each other up…we’re like YAAS QUEEN, you can do that!

You are all involved in different areas of the creative industry, Heidi you sing, Lulu, Helena and Tiger you are involved within the fashion industry, do you think it is important for young women to express themselves creatively?

Heli: Not everyone in the world wants to do creative things, but if you’ve got that creative flair, then it’s good to experiment and see what you like doing. Don’t listen to other people because just because they don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I think it’s good to have the freedom to be able to do all things creative, so allow yourself time to do that.

Tiger: I think everyone can be creative as well – you can be creative in the way you dress, you can be creative in the way you make food …everything can be a form of creativity, it doesn’t have to be fashion.

Are there any pieces of advice you would give your younger selves?

Heidi: I would say, if you actually want to do something then actually do it. You have to push yourself to do things you don’t want to do. Just get up there and do it – you’ve got to push yourself even if it could be the scariest thing the first four, five times and you hate it, you’ve just got to get back up there.

Tiger: Say yes to everything because you never know what opportunity it might lead to, or who you’ll meet!

What keeps you girls so positive and happy? Are there ways that you tackle ‘off’ days — give us some tips!

Tiger: Even if it’s a really small problem, we talk to each other. These are the first girls I’d go to if I have a problem. Also a way for me to stay positive is exercise, or just doing things and getting out and about. It keeps you sane!

Confetti Crowd use Instagram as a way of sharing inspirational quotes on a daily basis, but what quote in particular do you girls strictly live by?

Lulu: Stop stopping yourself…that’s a good one! And be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry!

What is the best way for women to support women?

Heli: Support other female owned businesses, because a lot of the world is still male dominated. So supporting female businesses, a lot are independent and started with one woman behind it – like with Conna Walker and Sophia Amoruso. And also supporting friends and spreading the girl love!

Heidi: Cancelling out jealousy is a massive thing, you don’t get anywhere with that…there’s no girl love there and it just doesn’t work in society today.


What makes the ultimate girl gang?

Lulu: It being based on a real friendship!

Heli: And a support system.

Talking about girl gangs and squads, what inspires you about the Lionesses?

Heidi: It’s inspiring that women are getting better known for something that is supposed to be, but isn’t, a ‘men’s sport’ – it’s great to see their success.

Heli: They’re representing the women in a male-dominated industry.

Does sport play a role in your life?

Heidi: Yes, skateboarding, and dancing!

Tiger: Dancing! And I also feel like you have to train for a festival, with the amount of steps you’ll be doing a day, it’s tiring!

Lulu: The gym…sometimes. But I love bike rides, swimming – outdoor things. It’s about enjoying yourself.

The Unité Totale collection is about celebrating joy in the power of diversity – what does this mean to you?

Heli: Diversity is very important in every industry and every aspect in life because the world is so diverse. It’s good to have something representing that.

You girls have already achieved so much, being involved with campaigns, inspiring young women across the globe, but tell us – what is the future for Confetti Crowd?

Lulu: We don’t have any concrete plans, we just roll with it.

Heidi: We used to have plans, but then we realised we don’t need to force it. Planning too much for the future puts too much pressure on the whole thing. We’re all together and help each other. That’s the best and most important thing about being a girl gang – supporting each other in what we want to do.