We’ve partnered with the girls from @azeemamag for the launch of the new Converse ‘Winter Warmth’ Collection. AZEEMA is a magazine collective and agency working across the creative arts to build an inclusive community centring around women and non-binary people from the West Asia, North Africa, South Asia, (WANA + SA) Diasporas and beyond.

Over the years and on the run up to the exciting launch of their fourth issue, the collective has grown into a defining cultural force in the UK, creating meaningful think pieces and beautiful content showcasing their community. AZEEMA challenges issues surrounding representation within the industry, influencing the fashion and media spaces to be inclusive and celebratory of their cultures.

We caught up with the creatives to find out how their style enables them to #CreateNext. 

Jameela Elfaki is the Editor in Chief, Creative Director and Founder (2017) of AZEEMA. With her projects she aims to empower, represent, inspire, and bring together women and fellow creatives through the use of photography, moving image, styling and zine making.

Jameela, styling the ‘Winter Warmth’ #ChuckTaylor ‘Sherpa Lift’ in Black with tailored beige trousers. This classic silhouette gets cosy with Sherpa and Fleece lining that will ensure you stay warm in style this winter.

What motivates your work for Azeema?

What always motivates my work with AZEEMA is the lack of representation in our industries, the need to create art that speaks to many. At AZEEMA we aim to champion women and non-binary folk from WANA + SA and diversify the creative landscape. Especially the importance of highlighting the voices and stories of marginalised women!

Who do you want to create next with?

I’d love to keep working with amazing artists and creatives from the community, there is some incredible talent. Though I want to dabble in film and collaborate with other visual artists to work on new projects.

What inspires you to create next for your community?

The need for authentic representation and celebrating our cultures loudly! 

Jameela styling the #Converse ‘Lugged 2.0’ with Ombre green trousers. These Lugged Chucks are a sure fit for the winter weather, made from waterproof leather and a built in warm lining for all-day cosiness and comfort.

Sunayah Arshad is the Deputy Editor, Social Media and Production Manager. Through her multimedia work she explores and builds representation across the creative sector while contributing to her community.

What motivates your work for Azeema?

Our community! The more we do, the more we learn and the more we realise just how important representation is, especially in the media. Meeting new people and hearing their stories is always so inspiring and motivates us to continue building this platform and safe space that authentically celebrates them.

Who do you want to create next with?

I’d love to travel more and create with our wider community outside of London. There are so many creative and talented people within our network that I virtually know but haven’t yet met in real life. I’d love to connect with them soon and see what magic we can create.

What inspires you to create next for your community?

Seeing just how many talented, creative, and inspiring people there are in the community. I’m constantly in awe of the people we meet or discover through AZEEMA.

Sunayah styling the #Converse ‘All Star Lift Hi’ in Egret with a knit dress, cosy socks and go-to gold jewellery. This stacked sole is topped with a premium suede upper and warm fleece lining for round the clock wear.

Ella Lucia is the Fashion Editor at Large. Specialising primarily but not exclusively in alternative power dressing. Ella has trained through first-hand experience with styling, design and artist/fashion branding.

 What motivates your work for AZEEMA?

AZEEMA is about community and authentic representation at its core, so that motivates my work massively. It’s so rewarding to hear from people that have been genuinely moved by what we do and to be able to link up brilliant people within the community.

Who do you want to create next with?

There are some brilliant creatives I’d love to work with, but I’m also really interested in building on the collaborations I’ve made already. That’s really important, and too often overlooked these days.

What inspires you to create next for your community?

Seeing the incredible talent and achievements of women in our community is constantly inspiring.

Ella styling the #ChuckTaylor ‘Sherpa Lift’ in Ecru with printed leggings for a fun contrast. This classic silhouette gets cosy with Sherpa and Fleece lining that will ensure you stay warm in style this winter

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