We teamed up with abstract artist Harlie Briggs and content creator Kerry Walker for the latest in our OFFICE Spotlight™ Series in partnership with #adidasOriginals ‘Handball Spezial’. The #Spezial has been reimagined for summer in fresh n funky colourways.


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Harlie: I’m Harlie and I’m an abstract artist from London. I recently swapped my London life for a more inspiring and slower pace of life in the countryside where I can paint my surroundings. I can’t sit still on one thing for too long which is probably why you’ll see me painting one second, launching shirts with my artwork on the next second and making whimsical tablescapes the other second! 

Kerry: I’m 31 years old, a content creator & stylist; born in London but always loved travelling. Moved to Spain 6 years ago to teach English, I know shock horror I was a teacher haha. But genuinely done most jobs you can think of as I’ve never really found my feel until now.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?

Kerry: The biggest lesson I’ve learned in my career is I guess is to accept rejection and move on quickly. It doesn’t always happen but when it does, it’s hard to deal with but you just have to learn to accept that it’s not because the way you look or they don’t like your work, it could be anything but it’s sometimes hard to be like that’s ok, next. 

Harlie: Community is everything. Having customers who get in touch and tell me how much they love something that they’ve bought is so heartwarming. Also having friends in the industry who go through similar journeys and difficulties is really helpful and makes me feel less alone. I am such an extrovert and loneliness is something that I did not consider struggling with when delving into running a business on my own, so having a sense of community really helps with this.

Your favourite memories/ achievements in the past year?

Harlie: Painting vases and designing the tablescape for an IWD OFFICE x adidas dinner was a definite highlight of this year so far! I was given full creative reign and was so shocked that I got to do this for a brand that I have worn since day dot!!! It all came together and looked so beautiful.

Kerry: My favourite memories and achievements, I guess with work is when I got let go at my job last year, I panicked about life and money then bang, Nespresso reached out to me and I found myself in their studio shooting a campaign with them. It’s like everything fell into place at the right time and I’m so proud of myself for persevering. It’s hard when you’re freelance because sometimes you’ll have a dry month of work and it becomes easy to doubt yourself but I’m slowly accepting that it’s the universe telling me this is my break time (I never switch off haha).


#OFFICESpotlightSeries ft. @Harlie | artist & nature lover + @KerryAWalker in partnership with @adidas 💓👟✨ #officelovesadidas #adidashandballspezial #adidasspezial #adidasstyling #outofOFFICE

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What is something not many people know about you?

Kerry: Something people don’t know about me. I was an air hostess for British airways before lockdown and that’s how my influencing career started as I began taking photos of outfits at home then decided I didn’t want to go back to the skies when the U.K. opened back up. FYI it’s not as glam as everyone thinks and yes we had beds on the planes!

Harlie: My love of roast potatoes and any animal that I see. If somebody gave me the keys to an animal rescue I’d be there tomorrow. Oh, and I’m a massiveeeee Swiftie.

@Harlie what is your favourite piece of art / project you’ve worked on?

Making handprinted tablecloths for Burt’s Bee’s last year was so fun, to see them go from my patio floor to an event promoting environmentally sustainable products was such a lovely thing to see and be a part of.

@Kerry what’s your favourite part of your job? Or fave brand you’ve worked with?

Favourite brand I’ve worked with, it would be rude not to say you guys but all jokes aside, shooting with OFFICE for adidas is up there with my most proudest moments in my career. I’ve shopped at OFFICE for over a decade and my fave store was the small one on the Kings Road when I lived with my mum. Another one has to be Guinness, I grew up with my dad drinking it and never would have imagined flying out to Dublin to the Guinness storehouse, a dream honestly! And favourite part of my job, the girls I’ve met have become my closest friends!

What is something you learned in 2022 and are putting into practice in 2023?

Kerry: Something I learned in 2022 was to be my own boss and now I think I’m quite good at it haha. Not strict on myself and always approve my requested holidays 😉

Harlie: To take things a bit slower, learn new hobbies that interest me (like pottery), to trust the process more and compare less to other artists. 

Describe your personal style?

 Harlie: A real mix of relaxed, oversized, boho and comfy <3

Kerry: Colourful and clashy if that’s even a word! I love mixing prints and wearing bright colours as I believe clothes are a mood booster! If I could wear my cowboy boots with everything including pjs, then I would!

How are you styling Adidas this season?

Kerry: Definitely with dresses. I LOVE a floral print dress with a trainer, it’s comfortable and stylish simultaneously.

Harlie: I love wearing adidas with jeans and a plain white tee for an everyday look but I prefer wearing them with long maxi dresses or maxi skirts with matching little tops for a different more summery look. 

Who would you nominate next for OFFICE Spotlight?

Harlie: I would nominate Taylor Swift to do a Cruel Summer fave shoes collection haha. No but seriously, I think my friend Beatrice who is a photographer – she is SO talented and an all round cute human. 

Kerry: I’d nominate my babe Billie-Jo for the next OFFICE Spotlight. She’s such a Converse girl and every time I see her she’s got a new pair on.

What are you having for dinner hun?

Kerry: Dinner tonight is at a restaurant called Oi Spaghetti in Peckham so lots of carbs and of course tiramisu (my fave!!)

Harlie: Found some pork belly half price in the yellow sticker aisle so that cut up on a bed of soy noodles with broccoli and carrots! Move over Ainsley Harriet haha.


our latest #OFFICESpotlightSeries star @KerryAWalker wearing the new @adidas ‘Handball Spezial’ styles🩵✨👟🫶 #officelovedadidas #adidasoriginals #adidasstyling #adidashandballspezial #adidaswomen

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