5. What are your tips of the trade?

I'll always carry eyeliner and lipstick, you never know when you'll be asked to go somewhere last minute and it could be one of the best nights of your life so you don't want to refuse because you're not prepared!
3. What are your tips for styling the transitional period between Summer and Autumn?

Layering is always key during this transeasonal period! That and a good pair of open toed shoes - it says you're going a nod to Summer but if it gets cold you haven't got your whole foot out to feel the chill.

4. Why did you pick those particular shoes? Which one is your fave?

My faves are the Rescue slip ons - they're so versatile so can be dressed up or can be worn with jeans to make a casual look stand out. I'm obsessed with metallic's so these really caught my eye!
The music scene, vintage shops and street style in East London are a constant source of inspiration for Fabienne's eclectic style.

1. What is your key style/look for July?

Anything metallic and pastel. I can't put these trends down and neither can the shops or catwalks it seems! I'll be wearing my matching metallic accessories or channelling shades of the rainbow!.

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2. What have you been up to this year so far?

This year has been super busy already which is great! I was djing in New York in February during New York Fashion Week which was really fun and have been playing at various fashion magazine parties since; recently for presentations at London Mens Collections too which always has a super cool vibe. I also got to go to 'Later with Jools Holland' last month when I styled a band. Its been on my bucket list for years so I was so pleased to get to go.
1. Bang that - Disclosure
2. Earned it - The Weeknd
3. Silly little things - Shannon Saunders
4. I See Fire - Ed Sheeran
5. American Oxygen - Rihanna