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Looking for a durable warm-weather shoe that’ll survive the perils of summer holiday adventures and look great while you do it? Welcome the Salt-Water sandal in all its glory. This staple shoe offers authenticity to the highest degree and has done ever since it was first moulded by Walter Hoy in the ‘40s. In a time where leather shortages were rife, Walter crafted an innovative design which utilised pieces of scrap leather from military boots; et voila, the timeless Salt-Water silhouette was born. Decades later, the simplistic design has stood the test of time and continued to win the hearts of nations across the globe – and it’s not hard to see why. Featuring recognisable, intricately woven straps and comfortable rubber sole, its timeless, retro aesthetic is one for eternity. But what is it that makes Salt-Water sandals better than the rest? These practical beauties are crafted with premium, waterproof leather in shimmering rose gold sheens, natural tan tints and statement red hues, and finished with rust-proof buckles so you can enjoy beach relaxation fuss-free. With sizes for women and girls available at OFFICE, you’ll never want to leave home without them this season.