Vans fans Stefani Nurding and
Bradley Griffiths show us how they wear the icons in their own personal style.

Stefani NurdingBradley Griffiths
Stefani Nurding

Keen On:

Skateboarder and Blogger

Fashion and skateboarding

They are so versatile for everything, they skate good as soon as you put them on and you don't even need to wear them in and they are perfect for travelling, shopping, going out because there are a lot of styles which can look good with any outfit.
It’s been a while since I cracked out a frilly sock but I love how it adds a bit of femininity to this comfy outfit...

Keen On:

My Style:
Singer and guitarist in Bloody Knees

Rock & Roll, and superbikes

I like my vintage motorbike shirts and vintage denim. You can get some really cool 90s designs and styles if you look in the right places. The only new items I buy really are jeans and trousers (and shoes obviously) because it's important that they fit right as they can make or break the look. 
For me the old skool is a do it all. You can skate them, wear them until they fall apart and fall off your feet or you can wear them a bit more smart and make a real tidy outfit.
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