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    Minnetonka Brand
    Minnetonka started life making moccasins for Americans in the late 1940’s. The new affluence after WW2 allowed people to travel to sites and natural wonders they had only ever read about. They wanted something ‘genuine’ to bring home to remind them of their holidays. Over the years each generation introduced their children to the brand and it quickly became a true American classic. Every self-respecting hippie and flower child had a pair in the 1960’s, their children wore them as a ‘Preppie’ look in the 1970’s and 80’s. In the 90’s the Thunderbird mocc was all the rage in France. Recently Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan showed today’s fashion conscious buyer how to wear many of their styles with today’s look. Like any ‘classic’ they have evolved and developed over the years but always with respect to their heritage, always made in soft leather and suede, in the traditional, one-piece style with beads or fringes. And always wonderfully comfortable and wearable. Perhaps it’s because Minnetonkas aren’t really about fashion that they’re never out of style.