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    Adidas Brand
    Driven by a desire to help all athletes who were committed to performance, adidas launched in order to manufacture sporting equipment that would inspire and nurture sportspeople worldwide - which the brand continues to do to this day. However, the story behind the iconic name starts with what you might call a rocky beginning. Thanks to a heated sibling rivalry, a successful company built by the Dassler brothers; Adolf and Rudolph, was split in two, and the former named the new venture after himself, with 'Adi' from his first name and 'Das' from his last. Luckily for us, the animosity never prevented Adi from building his brand into the pinnacle of sportswear and style quality that it is today, and here at OFFICE, we are proud to host an amazing range of trainers and sneakers from adidas, featuring the latest releases, popular styles, original designs, and quirky shapes and colours. Explore modern takes on classic styles like Superstar and Gazelle, as well as more recent silhouettes, including ZX Flux and NMDs. Whether you prefer clean lines or futuristic shapes, you're sure to find the pair of adidas trainers or sneakers you're looking for here, with those three iconic lines signifying heritage, performance quality and style.