Entering summer 2018 looking your very best is one of life’s greatest feelings. On trend and looking suave. It’s essential that this level of cool is maintained throughout the season, and with the weather still being consistently good, why would you go on holiday? Listen, any holiday with the lads is always a good idea however we feel enjoying summer in London is pretty good too. Whilst enjoying your sun induced activities, we feel you need to tips to remain cool during the season.

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-Invest a good pair of soft loafers. They pair well with both jeans and chinos, and will give you that cool confidence from day to night.
-If you’re taking it easy on the weekend or your holiday, a classic pair of Flip Flops are always needed. Comfortable and sun appropriate.
-Looking to go out for a few beers but still wanting to be on trend? a pair of trainers or our Honolulu espadrilles suit well.

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-The latest Birkenstocks in EVA are a hot summer favourite of ours. Not only are you on trend, but you’ll be walking on air as you do it. We do know there can be slight division in who chooses this shoe, but go on, this is a great summer look.
-Lastly, and most importantly. The key to looking cool (drinking a few beers is fairly important) is that you walk into situations with the right attitude. We are speaking the language of fun, positivity and confidence.