Are you one of the many festival revellers who have put your wellies away now the season is coming to an end? Well, we have you know that those rubbery boots are much more than just a pair of stylish mud lovers.

Whether you’ve left them behind in a welly henge or you’re wondering what on earth you’ll do with them now, fear not, we may have had a lovely summer but this is the United Kindom.



Showers and snow will surely bless our shores this autumn/winter and with over 100 styles at OFFICE, there’s no excuse for wet feet. And yes, the welly is a practical staple for the seasons ahead but does that mean (other than festivals and rainy days) should they be hidden away?

At OFFICE we think not. Making a great impression on the catwalks and a favourite amongst celebrities, the welly boot has become an all-year-round fashion must have. Whilst remianing comfortable the welly boot comes in a burst of colour and patterns and is perfect for a chic or understated look.

Not bad for just a welly, eh?

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