What do you do on your lunch break when the sun is beaming and want to catch a quick tan? You obviously go on the hunt for ice-cream. We happen to be right in the heart of London’s food scene, where the options are endless and we are often left out of pocket, due to endless feasting. Luckily, just a short walk away, we came across Soft Serve Society, which happens to be an ice-cream utopia. The menu is limited but the flavor combinations pack a punch. Offering three flavored soft serves, one can expect candy floss toppings, decadent sauces and many sprinkles to choose from. This ice-cream emporium allows adults to tap into their inner child, and enjoy the best type of sugar rush. What did we go for?

Cloud 9: Vanilla Ice-cream, berry candyfloss and popping candy

Espresso yourself: Vanilla affogato and crumbed oreas

Flavour of the week: Charcoal and coconut ice-cream, bubblegum sprinkles and a toasted marshmallow.

Want something sweet? This is your place 🍦 If ice-cream isn’t your thing, Freak Shakes are just as delicious.