As it is Father’s Day on Sunday we thought we would do a tribute to our dads and embarrass them for once.

The gang here in OFFICE HQ have rummaged through our photos at home to find some classic pictures of our wonderfully awkward fathers, who have shocked us with their fashion choices over the years.


We have all experienced pictures of dads in their youth, sporting a mullet, biker jacket, flares, tiny cut off denim shorts (hot pants) and extremely tight t shirts! Not to mention the obligatory 80’s moustache.


On holiday they have loved a Bumbag, adventurer sandals and bucket hat (before they were cool) and insisted on commandeering the BBQ.

They have had a mid life crisis, bought a motorbike, got their ear pierced or a tattoo and are either complete techno phobes or Inspector Gadget.

They have embarrassed us in front of our friends, are rubbish at DIY, worn some questionable outfit combos but we cant help but love them dearly!

Here’s to all you Rad Dads!!!!


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