Kids'n'Cancer We are happy to announce that Sophie
has hit her target! Thanks to all of you for your help and generosity.Here’s a little more insight from Sophie’s parents;

“After an incredible 6,000 donations from around the world and a dedicated fundraising site in France, we have hit our target on our team page. That means we can go ahead and get Sophie the surgery that she needs to give her the best chance. We’re looking forward to later in the year when hopefully our beautiful girl will be in remission again!

If you are moved by Sophie’s story and still want to donate this would be fantastic as any excess money raised will be managed by the charity we have been working with, Kids ‘n’ Cancer, to help other children who are in situations like Sophie get a head start in getting the critical treatment they need.

Some funds may be retained for Sophie by Kids ‘n’ Cancer, in case she requires treatment again. Should there come a time, for whatever reason, that Sophie no longer requires treatment, those funds would be made available for other children.

Friends and family will continue to work hard for her cause over the coming weeks and months and anything we raise will be managed by Kids ‘n’ Cancer to help her and other children.”

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