Join us for our first ever ep. of OFFICE On: as we talk Sustainability, style and shoes with Shaunie Brett, sustainable style consultant, celebrating the launch of the #Vapormax2020.

The Vapormax 2020 celebrates sustainable, circular design – looking cute while staying kind to the world. Learn more about what it means to be sustainable, how the Vapormax 2020 embraces this and how Shaunie is styling these kicks for the season ahead.

Shaunie’s top tips for shopping sustainably:

Only shop from a list of things you need – it’s not about impulse buying.
When you want to add something to your life of needs, make sure you’ve pined for it for a good month beforehand.
If you can buy it vintage, do buy it vintage.
Enjoy it! Enjoy the search!

Shaunie’s top 4 wardrobe essentials:

A pair of jazzy trousers
A vintage tee
A structured vintage blazer
A crisp white shirt

It’s all about key pieces while staying true to your own aesthetic – it doesn’t need to be head-to-toe black.

Discover more from Shaunie, Nike and discover more about Nike’s Move to Zero here & the Vapormax 2020 on our Instagram.