With London Fashion Week starting tomorrow, we’re excited to see what trends will grace us with their presence in Spring/Summer 2014.

Around 80 designers will show off their latest and greatest predictions of the next big styles at Somerset House between 13th-17th September. This is an event on every fashion lover’s calendar – even the shoe obsessed like us!

Most of us won’t get the chance to attend LFW in our life time, so we wanted to give you a little taste of what goes on at the show and behind the scenes. We’ll be following one of our lovely HQ girls Alexandra Oliver as she attends the Jean Pierre Braganza show and takes a few snaps for you along the way.


Before she head’s off to the show tomorrow, we got a few questions in:

What are you most looking forward to at LFW?

I love the buzz around Fashion Week, it’s great to see what the designers are doing and also really good for street style to see different personalities scattered around Somerset House. Also a goodie bag is always a fun treat to get.

Obviously there is a lot of pressure to look great at LFW – what will you be wearing?

I’m terrible at picking my outfit until the last minute, so right now I’m not sure. I really like classic, quite boyish trends at the moment so probably an oversized tee, slim trousers and chunky heels and of course my trusty Alexander Wang bag as it is a great day to night bag and fits in all the essentials.

Describe some of the trends you think you may see front row?

I expect to see some light tailoring, mixing suiting with light feminine shapes, a 1920s picnic in the Hamptons style. For prints I think possibly some very girly, fantasy, mermaid like colours but possibly contrasted with some edgy fabrics and silhouettes.

LFW is always a great start spotting event! Who would you love to see?

It’s hard to say because you often see people you wouldn’t expect at shows. It would be good to see some American celebrities as they always seem to make more of an impact at shows, so maybe Lady Gaga or Lana Del Rey would be good to see.

What shoes will you wear to the show?

I will definitely wear a pair of chunky heels, probably a wedge to take me through until night. Probably a pair of statement Jeffrey Campbells but I will take pair of Nike’s to change into between the show and party.

As a shoe lover – what do you think will be the next shoe obsession?

I think it is very much all about the barely there heel, girlish power heels and delicate pumps, we all love chunky 90s looks but I feel we are moving away from that and into subtle colour palettes and stilettos.

Check in next week for an update on the show, who Alex saw, what they wore and hopefully some backstage goss!