Is there anything worse than marking your brand new beloved pair of trainers? With sneaker culture becoming ever more prominent, christening a fresh pair to the world has never been so daunting.
Maintaining your footwear may seem like a difficult and sometimes impossible task, but it really doesn’t have to be. We’ve got you covered.

Probably the most important product in our opinion when it comes to shoe care. Protector works as a barrier between your shoes and the elements or any accidental spills from a night out on the town. This and all other products mentioned are can be found easily online and in most footwear shops. Don’t sleep on your kicks anymore!



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Protect the Projects #liquiproof #liquiproofit

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Just because they are dirty doesn’t mean they are dead! In most cases you can give your seemingly lost trainers a new lease of life. When your sneakers need a bit of TLC, show them some affection and they will give it back to your in time.



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Giving these adidas EQT’s the love and Liquiproof treatment they deserve

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Foot odour isn’t pretty and it’s by far the most convenient and easiest issue to combat against. This can either be done via a quick spray or inserts that can be placed in your favourite pairs when they’re not on your feet.

We recommend:

Liquiproof Labs Protector – The 50ml bottle will protect two pairs of shoes and can be applied to any absorbent material. One bottle can even last as long as the life of the shoes.

Jason Markk Repel – This will work on a variety of materials; suede, leather, nylon, canvas and more. This product also features a refillable bottle for our environmentally minded sneakerheads.

OFFICE protector spray – This is a cost friendly option that covers all of the all footwear materials from suede to leather.

Liquiproof Labs Eco Cleaner – This 100% natural cleaning solution is utilizes a concentration of cleaning enzymes. Designed for use with all types of fabric and textiles, this product can be used on clothing as well as footwear.

Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner – No harsh chemicals. 98.3% natural, completely bio degradable and safe to use on all colours and materials.

Liquiproof Labs Premium Freshener – This freshener spray contains good bacteria and stops the bad bacteria that cause that unpleasant odour. Non-Toxic and 100% biodegradable.

Jason Markk Moso Freshener – These are inserted into your shoes using all natural materials. Each sachet can be reused up to 12 times and has a handy planner printed on the back of each so you know how many times they have been used.