So if you’re not too sure what we mean by ‘Lads on Tour’, we are basically giving a boy’s only vacation a humorous title. This type of holiday happens once a year, boys only (preferably best friends) and they pick a destination best suited to sun, sports and raucous fun. Similar to a girls holiday, it is a good excuse to create great memories, share many laughs and enjoy time off work. Packing for this holiday is simple, especially when we cover your shoes for the vacay. Depending on your destination, and your activities we suggest Toms, Sliders, Vans, Wovens and Boat shoes as great choices. We share some key points to styling these shoes:


-Wear your sliders for some beach fun, easy to clean if sandy and super comfortable to trot about.Our Flume sliders are affordable and can be replaced easily if lost (this does happen on holiday)

Vans are your core trainer, they look great with both shorts and trousers, plus durable throughout the trip. Great to travel in too.

Toms are a classic espadrille that is comfortable and can look smart when needed. Ideal for beach bar excursions or the cheeky night out (depending on the clubs attire).

Boat Shoes and Wovens are your smarter choice, and always looks great with shorts. These can be worn out for that ‘special dinner’. If you’re lucky on your holiday, maybe a Summer fun date?