Lets be frank, we all live for the weekend. The arrangements begin to take shape that Monday morning at work and the full excitement kicks in on a Thursday evening. Planning your weekend is exciting, especially since activities like delicious food markets and bottomless brunches are always on offer. ‘Legit’ weekend plans always need to be made, as it gives you enough reason to work hard and push through the week. We know for most, that looking your very best is essential, so we round up our top favourite looks for the weekend.

1. The High boot: The Highgate boot is one of our favourite evening boots. Not only are they on trend but will suit most evening outfits. We like to pair ours with skinny jeans, a white shirt and your coat. You’re basically saying, ‘I am kind of casual but still ‘sassy’ smart’. Did we mention they are super easy to put on too?

2. The Lace Up Boot: The Artful Lace Up boots come in a variety of different leathers, and we simply cannot get enough of them. They are perfect for a Saturday, where your agenda might include a brunch or market exploring. These boots suit any outfit, and can be worn in the evening as well.

3. The White Boot: We know this can be a daring look for you, as a statement white boot can seem a bit much. However, we think you totally need to own this boot. The Me Too boot needs to be paired with boyfriend jeans and a classic knit top, suited for some Saturday evening fun. Be daring with your shoes. A little 80s fun never hurt anyone.

4. Vans: I think its fairly obvious, after a busy weekend, all you would need is your classic Vans. Any Vans style will do, and you’ll still feel on trend even if you’ve opted for ‘comfort’. Vans are your favourite shoes for those Sunday family lunches or even Sunday Fundays?

No matter the occasion, we have all the shoes for you. Shop our latest shoes for your weekend ahead! Also, can we remind you to have fun? #liveyourbestlife