January is a month for eating healthily; swapping selection boxes for a selection of fruits and vegetables and making up for our gluttonous displays over the festive season. But January is nearly over and we are certainly ready for some tasty treats. If you want to join us in indulging in some great meals over the coming weeks, why not try one of our favourite options?


Burger and Lobster – London

Providing the poshest surf and turf, fast food style. Burger and lobster do two things and they do them well; burgers and lobsters as the name suggests.  with only 5 outlets over the capital, you really feel like you’re part of an exclusive club when dining there. Upon sitting down you are faced with a little added extra with your cutlery; a disposable bib! Word to the wise, embrace the bib, those lobsters can be pretty messy if you don’t quite have the hang of the tools to get into the pesky crustacean. Make sure you douse the lot in clarified butter for the ultimate indulgent meal.



Sticks and Sushi – London

Sticks and Sushi does exactly what it says on the tin; sells yummy sushi and ‘sticks’ piled with tasty treats including teriyaki scallops, jumbo prawns and chilli chicken. The cocktails aren’t bad either; make sure to try the passion fruit Shoshito.


Trof NQ – Manchester

Located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Trof describes itself as a ‘den of opulence’.  The grills, burgers and sandwiches all look tempting but you can’t beat one of the Sunday roasts; followed by a sticky toffee pudding of course. If you’re feeling a bit delicate you can also get breakfast until 4pm.


Trinity Kitchen – Leeds

If you can’t decide what to eat, Leeds’ Trinity Kitchen is the perfect choice for you. There’s a whole host of eateries all under one roof, some of which are permanent including Vietnamese restaurant Pho and Mexican favourite Tortilla. But what’s really special are the temporary street food trucks which travel to Leeds from across the country to be hoisted up into the Kitchen and set up shop for a few months at a time. Current favourites include Original Fry Up Material and the Magnificent Milkshake Company.



The good old reliable takeaway never fails to hit the spot for those moments when leaving the house just isn’t an option. There’s only one thing for it, pj’s on, menus out and movies at the ready.


Cake Baking

Feeling a little more adventurous and in the need for something sweet? Why not channel Ms Berry herself and get your bake on? Granted, some recipes require a lot of concentration and precise timing BUT when your creation is fresh out of the oven you can stand and reap the rewards. Who doesn’t love a cupcake pick-me-up? YUM!