It’s that time of year where we all will be getting ready for our end of year parties. Tis the season to sparkle and look your very best. Our motto this month is ‘Be The Party’ and we have given you inside scoop of our #officeinsiders who share their Do’s and Dont’s of owning this fun season. Our list is pretty detailed, but the essential tips are shared to keep you looking and feeling your very best. Don’t forget to put your on your best OFFICE party shoes, and let’s have fun!

The Do’s

-Do Wash hair in the morning ready to be styled in the evening
-Do prepare, getting your pampering done in the days before avoids any last minute disasters. Goodbye streaky fake tan. Always do to fake tan the night before – nothing worse than that biscuity smell following you around all night
-Do moisturise and give time for it to sink in
-Do your hair and make-up before putting on your dress. Your outfit is the final piece and should bring together the entire party package.
-Do use setting spray after you’ve done your makeup – Urban Decay one is really good
-Do remember lipstick
-Do give yourself more time than actually need, there is always room to faff!
-Do Discuss with friends what they’re wearing in advance, no one wants an unplanned girl band moment
-Get your party playlist down, tunes to get you in the mood for dancing.
-Do get your squad together, getting ready is always more fun with your best friends!
-Pack a pair of flats
-Check your teeth for lipstick before leaving the house (!!)
-Pack gum in your bag
-Do have a pre-drink whilst getting ready
-Do always have a bite to eat because eating Is certainly NOT cheating!!
-Pick your shoes first then the outfit follows
-Do go with the first outfit because everyone knows after they try the next 10 outfits on they ALWAYS result in the first…
-Do try to have some matching accessories (hair band / socks / eye-shadow / detail on something etc)
-Do always drink water, remaining hydrated throughout the night will leave you feeling fresh in the morning

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The Don’ts

-Don’t fake tan on the day (do it at least 24h before leaving the house)
-Don’t put your clothes on after you’ve done your makeup – unless the clothes don’t go over your head.
-Don’t forget to charge your phone
-Don’t apply your eyeshadow after your foundation
-Don’t over do the pre drinking while getting ready, could result in questionable choices.
-Don’t paint nails before you’ve put your shoes on. No one needs varnish stained shoes, not to mention the smudged nails
-Don’t feel uncomfortable in your outfit you’ll only want to go home the minute you get out!
-Don’t forget to pack your bag properly – keys, bank card, id make up, perfume!
-Don’t forget to set your make up
-Don’t EVER *snaps fingers* doubt how bad and boujee you are or how lit you are about to be!!
-Don’t pile on the make-up, you just need a little bit of extra sparkle to compliment your look.
-Don’t forget to have fun

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