Shout out to all students! Term has started and we have the perfect way to ease you into the swing of things, new shoes and with an added discount. As freshers ends, we want you to be putting your best foot forward, as cheesy as that sounds, owning the latest trainers are an essential to starting your term right. We’re hosting a few events at our stores across the country, the offer runs from the 19th of September 2019 to 3rd of October 2019.

We’ll be running a special 20% offer on our products (exclusions apply). This means you’ll be owning those pair of shoes for less of the price (great, right?). We suggest checking out which stores will be hosting these events and you might be in further luck!

Event listings (19th of September 2019 to 3rd of October 2019):
-Manchester Arndale:  (All Day)
-Selfridges Offspring Ladies, Exchange Square: (All Day)
-Lincoln:   (12-8pm)
-Metro:      (All Day)
-Leeds Trinity: (All Day)
-Reading:  (5-8pm)
-Nottingham: (6-10pm)
-Trafford: (6-10pm)
-Derby: (6-10pm)
-Leeds Trinity: (All Day)
-Silverburn: (All Day)
-Basingtsoke: (All Day)
-Southampton: (All Day)
-Meadowhall: (5-10pm)
-Canterbury: (All Day)
-Leicester: (8:30am-12pm)
-High Wycombe: (All Day)
-Cambridge: (3pm-8pm)