It’s nearing to horse racing season, and that means fancy dresses, extravagant headpieces and most importantly fabulous shoes. Going to the races proposes the perfect opportunity to dress up, wear something you usually wouldn’t and step out of your fashion comfort zone. As we are all in favour of a repeat look – invest in timeless pieces that you will wear again and again.

1.Comfort first

We all know that having uncomfortable shoes can ruin your whole day. With a formal event you always want to look your best, but when deciding what shoes to wear make sure they are comfortable for strutting in all day. Your best bet for avoiding sore feet is to opt for a shorter heel (a block mid-heel is a great choice). Wedges are also perfect for the races, as you don’t have the risk of sinking into the damp grass. But if you want to rock a sassy stiletto just make sure that you are comfortable and the forecast is for dry terrain because again you don’t want to be snapped sinking into the grass (we’ve all been there!).

2.Less tradition, more fun!

The races are the perfect time to experiment with different trends, colours and textures! We suggest stepping out of your fashion comfort zone, so don’t be scared to stand out! Be playful with your look as this is one of those dress-to-impress occasions.

3.Check the dress code

Different race events have different dress codes, depending not only on the day but also the enclosure that you’d like to enter.  Be sure to double check what you can and can’t wear so that you don’t get turned away.

4.Lookout for the weather forecast

Make sure you check the weather before you attend the event! Your look will largely depend on the weather. A little rain should not dampen your mood, but we do suggest dressing for the weather you have, not the weather you want.