We all share that same fear in when you purchase a new pair of trainers- how will I keep these clean? There are many hacks out there, and we have tried them all. We’ve decided to share a few key tips in keeping your new kicks clean:

• If you’re buying suede trainers, we suggest using Liquiproof. This easy to use spray keeps your suede kicks looking fresh and dirt free. This type of protective spray can also be used on satin too…

• If you have a few unwanted spots, use a cloth and touch of white vinegar to erase.

• We have tried, and successfully completed washing our trainers in the washing machine. Just take note: trainers need to be canvas, the cycle needs to be short, gentle and at a low spin. Always tie up your shoes in a pillowcase for extra protection.

• Store your trainers correctly, using sheets of dryer fabric sheets keeps the moisture out of your trainers and neaturalises the scent (believe it or not, trainers can smell)

• Oil stains on your shoes? Use fairy liquid or shampoo to effectively remove the oily marks.

• Hard to catch areas of dirt? Use a toothbrush with warm water and soap.

• Looking to bleach? You can bleach your white trainers, but dilute the liquid sufficiently enough to make it look like murky water. If you apply too much bleach, you could run the risk of damaging your shoes.

• Lastly, using fresh laces can change the complete look of your trainers; we suggest using this technique as a last resort.