We get to interview the talented artist Tallulah. The singer/ song writer is the definition of 80s soul/ pop. Born in South-East London, Tallulah is nothing short on talent and style. Having spent the last few years writing for  other artists, the Sagittarius now embarks on what is sure to be a fruitful venture as a solo artist. The Shoe Diary gets to know more about Tallulahs likes, fashion influence and sharing some of her best antidotes.

How did you first get into Music?
I went to the Brit school, and as soon as I left at 18 I started writing and recording. I was writing for and with other artists and with so many different producers that it took me a while to really hone in on my own sound and work out exactly what direction I wanted to take my own music. Its great to now be just focusing on exactly what I want to do, to have my own track out and know exactly what my sound is! 🙂

If you could describe your style in three words what would it be?

Fashion is forever changing, what would you want to remain on trend and what would you like to dismiss?
Over sized leather jackets I’d keep forever, I think they go with everything and you can dress them up or down. They should never go. Personally I’d say cropped leggings/pedal pushers should never go – but I’m sure there’d be some objections with that haha. Tennis skirts they should stay too. Things I’d like to dismiss is way harder I’m a massssssive hoarder so I actually never really get rid of anything, but I feel like those wedge heeled trainers, and jeggings – they can both go!!

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Favourite fashion era? And why?
Oh the 80’s for sure! Bum bags, velour, slogan t-shirts, scrunchies, huge earrings, and leopard print.
All of that is so me – I’m not opposed to a shoulder pad or some dance wear either!

Who are some of your best dressed artists in the industry?
Right now I’d say – Stefflon Don. Always – Pharrell, Gwen Stafani and M.I.A and Madonna in the 80’s.

List your top trainers?
I like to keep it quite simple on my feet, so I’d go with -Nike Air Force 1s, Nike Janoskis, Reebok Classics and you really can’t go wrong with Converse.

Favourite designer right now?

Mimi Wade. Gucci spring/summer 18 I love, and Louis Vuitton always.

A lot of young people are trying to grow their craft into a business, what advice would you share for building your craft into a business?

I think the most important thing is actually knowing exactly what you want to achieve, then having a plan of how to get there. Its far easier to get to a destination if you know vaguely which route to take. I also think trusting your gut when making decisions, you’ll always know whats best for you. And just generally being prepared to work hard. Theres no such thing as a free lunch.


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