Temperatures are getting colder each day and whilst we would love to be curled up next to a warming fire, we have shoe duties to face. We’ve been noticing the rising popularity of  the colour burgundy (it has always been one of our favourites), call it grape, dark red or plum, but it’s hue that is getting us excited for Winter (it does remind us a bit of a delicious glass of red wine). So if you’re looking to sport this popular colour, we have a few guidelines to follow:

1. If you’re looking to wear this colour in boot form, why not explore different textures, like velvet or a shine leather. Our Alabama boots do just the trick
2. We like to wear this hue with denim jeans, or anything black, you’re looking to achieve a shoe statement.
3. Looking for something to go with your litte black dress? Well, burgundy heels are just them, and they suit bare legs or with tights.
4. The deep grape hue looks great in trainers, Oki-Kutsu and Converse are some of our favourite brands that explore this colour.