The party season is finally here, looking to survive this busy time of year? Well look no further. We are all for fun, and we know that throughout December the social calendar fills up with events, seeing the family and celebrating the New Year. All of this can be fairly overwhelming when you have spent most of the year well balanced when it comes to social arrangements, and we never want you to feel less than fab, so follow a few of simple hacks to make it through December 2018 like a pro:

1. Pre-plan your wardrobe for all events. Make sure you look your best, feel comfortable and wear the best OFFICE shoes. Looking for a little help here? Read this: THE DO’S AND DONT’S OF GETTING READY
2. Always choose suitable footwear for your occasion, so if you’re attending Winterville opt for trainers and if you’re off to a Christmas dinner, wear our on trend party shoes.
3. If it’s a late one? Always make sure to eat and hydrate (we mean water) throughout the night.
4. Feeling a little jaded? Boost up on daily supplements and treat yourself to a regular face mask before bed.
5. Feeling tired? As much as we would love a handful of sugary sweets or that fourth cup of coffee, upping your water, caffeine-free teas and greens intake will see you through the day.
6. Try to have at least 1-2 nights in, that means less party and more chill.
7. Overwhelmed with the social attention? Remember this is only once a year, so play nice and smile.

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