Get to know Seima, a fashion favourite of ours. A well-known blogger who gives us some insight into her creative world. We talk about style, shoes and noteworthy advice.

We are big fans of your Instagram and blog, when did you first start blogging? And what inspired you to do so?

I started in blogging in 2016 but joined Instagram later on, I was very inconsistent and didn’t really know how everything worked. Something I did realise was that blogging was a place for me to express myself, and the main reason which encouraged me to blog was my love for fashion, I’ve always loved getting dressed up and taking pictures so it kind of began from there.

What are you go- to pieces for when styling your wardrobe?

I think my go-to pieces would be a classic oversized white-shirt, you can never have enough of them! I also think every girl must have an oversized denim jacket and a cute lounge-wear set, as it is essential for those lazy days. In terms of footwear a classic black heel is a must and a good pair of Nike trainers.

Top 3 and bottom 3 trends you’ve seen so far?

1. Pastels, I think pastels are perfect for stepping into spring and summer.
2. Tailored suits, currently in love with this trend, it’s just so sophisticated and you can always dress it up or down.
3. Sportswear, this has to be one of the best trends, especially when you love wearing comfortable yet fashionable clothing.

Bottom trends:
1. Vinyl, I thought I liked it at first but I feel like it’s really had its time.
2. Mesh clothing

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If we are planning to go on a first date, what are your top tip?

Make sure your outfit is perfect and stick to your usual style!

Which 3 females inspire you and why?

– My mum – No one else will ever motivate you more than your mother!
– Gabriella Chanel “Coco Chanel” – I admire the motivation she had towards her business and what it took her to get to that stage, I just love how sophisticated and elegant her brand
– Angelina Jolie – Incredible actress, and also her humanitarian projects are truly inspiring.

Favourite pair of trainers?

Currently Nike Air Max 95

The 3 things you cannot live without?

Definitely my phone, coffee and make-up bag – who doesn’t love a bit of glam…

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Starting a career in any creative field can be challenging, what wisdom can you share with anyone trying to make their break?

I think it’s a very competitive industry, but I believe there is room for everyone in any creative field. You have to be unique and have a goal in mind, being motivated and staying true to yourself is key!

Seima is wearing Hix Slingback Point Court Heels in Black Leather and Alana Single Sole Sandal in Yellow Nubuck