We feel like its wedding season all year round, yet with summer approaching, there seem to be a few more invitations coming to our attention. Whilst the Bride and Groom always need to be the stars of the event, there is no reason why you should not look your very best (we are not saying triumph the bride here, but there is always room for effort) and we feel our latest shoes are perfect suitors to the event. Whether you’re single or taken, it is always a good opportunity to be the best version of yourself (aka the hottie everyone is talking about)

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We know some ladies can power through the event in killer heels, and some need a little more comfort, either way, we have you covered. These are our go to rules for being the best dressed and of course, the best guest:

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1. Choose your height wisely. If you can manage stilettos for the full event, then go height crazy. If you’re wanting a little more stability, why not try a wedge?
2. If you wish to wear an understated dress/suit why not create your fashion statement with a bold coloured shoe?
3. Check the wedding venue, and make sure it’s not all grass (this is not fun for sinking stilettos)
4. If you’re more of a flat queen, we have a wide variety of flat shoes that work perfectly with long floral dresses.
5. Looking to be a bit different? Why not explore a mid-heel option. Not only comfortable but on trend
6. If you’re torn between your fabulous flats and sassy stilettos, why not try both. You can always make extra room in your handbag to carry one. Everybody loves a little shoe-wardrobe change.
7. The shoes need to do all the statement talking, but when it comes to you, be yourself and have fun.