Gandys is a unique flip flop brand started by 2 passionate young brothers, Rob and Paul that have had some serious life experiences leading them to start something that has real purpose. The brothers were tragically orphaned by the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004, which they narrowly survived themselves. Following this they wanted to turn the ultimate negative into a positive and use all of their life experience to date to help others.

Gandys Flip Flops

Having travelled for years, both with their family and individually, the brothers have always been closely involved with helping children in developing countries. With their footwear business they felt they could build a brand on their own beliefs so they created Orphans for Orphans. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the tsunami, in 2014, the brothers are on target to open their first children’s home in their parents’ memory and eventually spread their work even further than the children’s home planned in India.

Bob Geldolf Support

We thought we would ask the brothers some questions to introduce us to this fresh and exciting new brand.

1. Why did you choose flip flops as your product, was there other ideas in the beginning?
Rob: I woke up with a mouth like Ghandi’s flip flops and after years of living in flip flops travelling around the World it seemed the perfect time to build a brand based on the beliefs my brother Paul and I learnt travelling and volunteering in India.


2. Tell us more about the Orphans for Orphans campaign, how has Gandys helped orphans around the world since it began?
After being orphaned ourselves in the tsunami we had support from family and friends when we returned home from Sri Lanka. We obviously saw a lot and after years of a unique upbringing volunteering in India we wanted to create something sustainable in which we could help to open a home for those in need, which we hope to be one of many!

3. We love the idea that people can become Brand Ambassadors for Gandys, how can they do this and how can it help awareness?
It’s great way for other people to join us on our journey and we thought rather than have one particular celebrity ambassador we should involve everyone. Simple steps, such as sharing it on social networks to organising an event will help us towards the opening of our first children’s home.

Richard Branson Wearing Gandys

4. What are the ideas for the future with Gandys? Do you see more products in the future?
With the English weather perhaps wellies!

5. Our favourite colour flip flop is the definitely the Waikiki white, what’s yours?
Rob: Paul is a big fan of the bright Goa Green and I am a fan of the Necker Red as we now have Sir Richard Branson and everyone on Necker Island wearing them.

6. We know that you guys love to travel the world, where haven’t you visited but would love to?
We are both really keen to go to South America! Hopefully sometime in the near future we will be able to get out there.

Red Duck Gandys

7. Who would you love to see rocking a pair of Gandys?
We have already seen all sorts of people wearing them from Jamie Oliver, Abbey Clancy, Michelle Keegan, Premiership Footballers, Made in Chelsea and TOWIE stars. We also asked Usain Bolt to wear them out to the final of London 2012 but didn’t manage it on this occasion, perhaps in Brazil….

Sam Branson Wears Gandys

8. If Gandys could talk what would they say?
The English Weather has been nasty and not treated me with the TLC I need! Please take me somewhere sunny!

9. What has been the ultimate highlight so far for you guys since it all began?
There has been many highlights from getting into OFFICE, a shop we have always gone to for our shoes and seeing people out in Gandys. But the ultimate highlight was getting back out to India for Christmas and funding a teacher and educational equipment for a community after our first summer working out of our bedroom in Brixton.


To get to know the brand even better the boys have made us this fantastic video, we at OFFICE are looking forward to rocking some Gandys flip flops this summer.