There are plenty of clothes on the high street at the moment which are inspired by decades gone by, from beaded flapper dresses to 60s-style minis, but there’s nothing to beat that feeling you get when you discover a genuine vintage piece.


Sometimes the original is quite simply the best.


If you want to get your hands on some stunning clothing from a previous era, we’ve created a guide to some of our favourite vintage treasure troves across the UK.


In London

There are hundreds of vintage and retro shops in the UK capital, some of which specialise in a particular era and some of which provide fashions from a mishmash of decades.


One of our first ports of call is Rellik in Portobello which is the perfect place to browse if you want to find really high-quality vintage pieces with a few designer names thrown in. We’re always hopeful of picking up some vintage Ossie Clark, however, vintage designer pieces tend to still come with a designer pricetag.


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For something a bit more budget friendly, The East End Thrift Store has plenty of bargains to be had, with most things priced at under a tenner, but isn’t a complete jumble sale like some thrift stores. The pieces are carefully curated and arranged for easy browsing.


In Manchester

If you’re hoping for some vintage finds in Manchester there’s one place you should definitely head; Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter which is home to dozens of vintage shops. The cream of the crop is widely considered to be Junk, where you can find clothes and quirky accessories from a range of decades. The best thing about Junk is that most of the pices are reworked, so are wearable straightaway.


While you’re in the area, you should also pop into Oxfam Originals, where the quick stock turnaround means you’ll rarely see the same piece twice. Plus you can splurge knowing you are giving money to a good cause.


In York

Bowler Vintage in York is the perfect place for dapper gents and 50s fans to stock up on clothes. As well as a wide range of vintage attire, chosen and cared for by a team of experts, there’s also a large stock of reproduction clothing in case you can’t find the genuine article in your size.

We had a quick browse online and the beautiful beaded cardigans have certainly caught our eye.

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If you don’t live near a decent bunch of vintage shops, never fear, you can simply go online and have a world of vintage fashion at your fingertips.


The website we’re currently wasting hours browsing is VV Vintage which has a huge array of dresses, shirts and denim for under £30 per item.


You can also find some great bargains on Etsy, which sells great vintage clothes and jewellery and eBay.