It’s way too easy to suffer a wardrobe malfunction. You’ve pulled on your favourite dress, stepped into your favourite heels and spent hours on your hair and make-up, but unfortunately you haven’t considered every possible situation and some rather unflattering photos of you are doing the rounds on Facebook within the hour.

This is a scenario that celebs know all too well. Take poor Kelly Brook; she glammed up for the National TV Awards last week in a stunning black dress with a plunging neckline and thigh-high split, but unfortunately the dress turned see-through under the bright flashes of the paparazzo’s cameras, meaning she showed off a little more than she bargained for. We really did feel for you Kelly!

If you want to ensure there’s no photographic evidence of your embarrassing fashion gaffes doing the rounds in the future, take a look at our list of the most common wardrobe malfunctions you should be looking to avoid.


See through garments

As Kelly found out, an outfit which looks fine in the light of your bedroom can be surprisingly see-through once you get out and about. To avoid showing off more skin than you intended, hold your top/skirt up to the light before putting it on. If you can see your hand through it, you might want to add an extra layer.

 National Television Awards 2014 - Arrivals - London


Broken heels

If you’ve been dancing the night away and your heel snaps it doesn’t have to signal home time if you carry a trusty spare pair of flats in your handbag. Just make sure you don’t leave your heels in the club – you’ll regret it the next day!


Floating skirts

Light, floaty skirts are all very well, but if a gust of wind comes along you could find yourself having a Marilyn moment and flashing your underwear to everyone around. And the chances are we mere mortals won’t look quite as elegant as Ms Monroe while it happens! Rumour has it the Queen has tiny weights sewn into the bottom of her skirts to avoid such incidents; if it’s good enough for Her Majesty…


Accidental flashing

When Anne Hathaway accidentally flashed while getting out of her car at the New York premiere of Les Mis, women across the world sighed in sympathy. This one should be simple enough to avoid though – we recommend not going commando when wearing dresses with thigh high splits in them!

'Les Miserables' World Premiere - New York