For those of you attempting to grow a moustache as part of Movember, almost two weeks in it’s likely you now have a significant amount of fuzz on your upper lip. If you’re not used to rocking a mo’, the chances are you aren’t sure how to style your ‘stache, but now is the time to put a bit of thought into it if you don’t want to look like a scruffbag who’s never seen a razor by the end of the month.

Here are our top tips for making the most of your mo’ this November.

Painter’s Brush

If you’re yet to really groom your mo’ the chances are it already looks like a Painter’s Brush, a thick moustache which covers the entire mouth and rolls down slightly at the edges. This is the perfect tache if you are a low maintenance fella as all it requires is regular shave to keep it in tip top condition. Brad Pitt has been known to sport a Painter’s Brush, so we know it works with both off-duty clothes and a smart suit.

 15th Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals - Los Angeles


The Pencil is the type of moustache you’re most likely to see celebs experimenting with from time to time. It’s a thin, well defined line just above the upper lip, which needs to be kept neat with regular clipping. For maximum impact, use wax to add extra definition and make sure it’s arranged precisely. If you are a slick dresser, or regularly wear suits for work, this is the moustache which may work best for you.

The Artist

The Artist is a bit more of a high maintenance ‘tache. Made famous by French painters, it requires precise grooming and regular upkeep as the whiskers shouldn’t reach past the edges of your lips. If you want to add a humorous edge, take inspiration from Salvador Dali and add a little wax to the ends so they point upwards.

The After Eight

If you were a bit dubious about growing a mo’ but gave in after some not-so-gentle ribbing from your mates then the After Eight will be the option for you. The Movember rules make it clear you can’t join your moustache to your chin, as that would be considered a goatee, but after careful reading, it doesn’t say anywhere that the rest of your face has to be completely hairless. The After Eight is a barely there tache combined with some stubble on your chin, for a rugged ‘I just forgot to shave look’.

Maybe not perfect for the office, but it will look great with your jeans and trainers on lazy weekends.

Team Teddy’s Whiskers – Update

As you are aware, some of the fella’s here in HO are growing their mo’s for this amazing cause. One guy has cheated a little bit by not shaving his face completely due to having incredibly sensitive skin; well, that’s what he told us anyway (can you tell which one?). All cheating aside their progress is clear to see. There’s also hot debates over who is going to go for the Ron Burgundy, our money is on Stuart. We’ll come back with further updates but in the meantime you can check out their marvellous mo’s and donate on their  page here 

To find out more about Movember visit the official website.

Good luck Teddy’s Whiskers!