Every season there are some trends which we um and ah over, unable to decide whether we are brave enough to try and pull off fashion forward or if we should leave them well alone. However, this spring we’ve decided to find ways to make some of the toughest trends to carry off work for us. Take a look at our guide to what we’ll be daring to wear in the coming months and how we’ll be styling our outfits…


Crop tops


Crop tops have divided us here at HQ in recent months and it looks like they will continue to do so throughout spring and summer, with a number of designers featuring them as part of their most recent collections. However, even those of us most nervous about flashing our tummies concede that there are a number of ways to embrace the trend even if you don’t have abs like Rihanna. Our favourite combo is a cropped tee and a high-waisted midi skirt in matching prints which shows off just a hint of midriff. When the weather gets warmer we’ll also be teaming our crop tops with some high-waisted shorts a la Taylor Swift.


VERY wide trousers


We’re so used to skinnies now that we don’t really know how we feel about the idea of letting our legs breathe in the frankly huge trousers which were seen on the runways at Mulberry, Paul Smith and Michael Kors. The good news is you don’t need to be a long-limbed supermodel to carry off wide trousers like we initially suspected. But you do need to style them carefully. Think chunky heels and a slim-line top, perhaps with a statement necklace to add some balance to the look.

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Double denim


Double denim is one of those looks that we were told to avoid for years, like socks and sandals, but then all of a sudden the rulebook is thrown out and the very fashion faux pas we were studiously avoiding is a top trend. Balmain and Louis Vuitton were the drivers behind double denim this spring/summer and who are we to argue with such fashion heavyweights? You do need to think about which pieces to put together though if you want to avoid looking like Britney and Justin circa 2001. Pair varying shades to stop the look being too matchy matchy and opt for embellished denim with frayed or ripped details to be bang on trend.


Slip dresses


Gwyneth Paltrow can wear them. Kate Moss can wear them. But can us mere mortals ever look good in a slinky, shapeless slip dress? The answer from the fashion pack appears to be a resounding yes, if you style it correctly. Layers are the friend of the slip dress and a checked shirt or denim jacket thrown over your spaghetti straps will result in the perfect dressed down look while ensuring you are not flashing too much flesh. Similarly a belted cardigan will help define your shape and provide the perfect contrast to the slinky material.

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