If you have not already picked this up, we have some big love for the latest UGG Exclusives. Not only are they one of a kind, but they have been styled and loved by well-known influencers. Whether you’re into buying new mini Logo boots or slippers, these excluisves are an essential buy for your 2018 wardrobe, and needed for the day to day fashion repertoire. We list some of our top reasons to make the investment now (thank us later):

1. They are comfortable, warm and durable. Come on, what more do you need?
2. We love to pair the Classic Mini Boot for day to day fun. These look great with a mid-length leopard skirt, white shirt and denim jacket.
3. The latest exclusives are one of a kind, therefore you’ll be able to enjoy this unique design from our stores. Make your exclusive fashion statement.
4. It’s cool to wear your slippers out the house, its a thing in the United States, and we can totally own this in the UK.
5. We offer a variety of colours in the monogram print, therefore there is a style that will definitely fit into your fashion regiment.